Interactive digital signage and applications

Build truly immersive experiences

Deliver a fully interactive customer experience with SignStix®’s interactive tool (accessible within SignStix® Creator). Developed to drive customer engagement, you can quickly create and deploy quality interactive applications without writing a single line of code.

From airports and train stations to university campuses and retail stores, interactive digital signage is beneficial for every industry, enabling audiences to interact with content and find information that is most relevant to them. 

Any asset can be made touch interactive inside of SignStix® Creator; when a customer interacts with these assets, the platform can trigger an expanding variety of 'events'. This allows customers to become much more engaged in digital content.

The system also supports timed-based events, which are triggered when the animation timeline reaches a particular frame. Timed ‘triggers’ help to manage complex animations much more easily, which poses a huge benefit to creative departments.

Multiple engagement opportunities

All interactive content is supported on a variety of playback mechanisms including Windows & Android-based tablets and smartphones, interactive kiosks, interactive screens and video walls. Examples of uses include:

  • Recipe guides
  • Shoppable catalogues
  • Product guides
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Training guides
  • Maps & Wayfinding
  • Product customisation
  • Interactive web feeds
  • Menu selectors
  • Check-in kiosks
  • Interactive books
  • Polling systems
  • ... and many more!

Interactive mirror kiosk

Developed with design agency and display manufacturer Evoke Creative, we built an interactive kiosk with integrated mirrors and transactional functionality, designs to equip retail customers with an interactive self-service shopping journey. 

Interactive Kiosk

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