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How do I migrate from Director V2 to V3?

How do I migrate from Director V2 to V3?

Getting Started

All clients will automatically be migrated from Director V2 to V3 on March 23rd 2018.  The SignStix Director URL ( and your credentials will remain the same, so you will be able to log into the system as normal.

Please note that if you had previously bookmarked SignStix Director in your web browser, you may see a '404 Not Found' error when you log in.  If this happens, please edit your bookmark so that the URL is:

Once logged in, the new user-interface will obviously be unfamiliar, so this note highlights the main differences to help you get to grips with the new system quickly.

Where has Creator gone?

You can still launch Creator from Director.  The only difference is that the button is now at the top left in the navigation panel instead of at the top right.

Where are my signs?

All content, including signs, is available in the Content section near the top left.  The content is arranged into a folder structure which you can explore using the 'Home Folder' link. 

By default, an account migrated from Director V2 will contain two folders:

- Assets - this contains your image folders as found in Creator, plus all your videos.

- Projects - this contains all your other content including signs, sequences, campaigns etc.

You can either browse through the folder structure to your content, or use the 'Search' shortcuts in the navigation panel to find specific types of content.

For searching, there is a filters panel which can be toggled on or off using the 'Toggle Filters' button (which looks like an inverted triangle near the top left of the main panel).

When using filters, ensure that the 'Include subfolders' (or 'Include sublocations') box is ticked if you want the search to include everything.

Please see the Assets How-To for more information on managing content.

How do I assign content to my devices?

In Director V2, content was assigned at the zone level and all devices in the same zone adopted the same content. 

In V3, content is deployed at the device level.  Also, sites and zones have been replaced with a single 'locations' concept (see the Locations How-To for more).  

Your previous sites and zones structure will have been migrated into a locations structure, and all your existing zone-level content assignments will have been applied to the devices within those zones.

Content assignments can be modified via the 'Assignments' link in the navigation panel on the left.  Please see the Campaigns How-To for more on assigning and deploying content.

How do I deploy?

There is still a 'Deploy' button.  As before, it pushes the content defined in your campaigns to the devices / screens in your estate.  You can find the deploy button near the top left of the navigation panel.

How do I register a device?

The old 'Device Admin' page has been replaced with a 'Devices' page.  A link can be found near the middle of the navigation panel on the left.

Once there, click the plus (+) icon near the top to register a new device.

Got other questions?

The support documentation on this site is being updated for V3, so please try searching for your topic in the first instance.

Failing that, please submit a support ticket by e-mailing, providing as much detail about the issue as you can.  Thank you.

SignStix Support.