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SignStix Digital Signage Media Player

SignStix® M12S Media Player

Forget bulky hardware and complex wiring - our M12S Media Player is a small Android device that plugs directly into the back of any commercial screen, with minimal wiring. It's 4K capable too!
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Philips and SignStix embedded signage

Philips PDS Embedded Signage, powered by SignStix®

SignStix® and Philips Professional Display Solutions have launched a brand new, totally embedded signage solution, based around the Philips D-Line (4050D) Display panels, completely removing the need for any external hardware. 

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SignStix on Android tablets

Player App for Android devices

Naturally the SignStix Player app comes pre-installed on our M12S devices, but we've also made the app available separately for use on other Android devices such as tablets.  (Note that not all Player features are guaranteed to work with non-SignStix Android devices.)