Multi-award winning digital signage platform

Nothing to download. No servers. It's all online!

The SignStix® content management system is an extremely intuitive digital tool which allows you to easily create, edit, manage, deploy and report on digital content in real-time. It’s all cloud-based too, which means you don’t have to worry about downloading any software.

Although we’ve had some great feedback from our clients, we’re extremely proud to have snapped up some awards along the way, which is testament to the platform’s capabilities and technical innovation.

Get up and running in minutes

Once you've configured your SignStix® Player(s), logon to the cloud-based CMS and you're away. It's that simple. The CMS is divided into two tools used for signage creation, management and deployment: SignStix® Creator and SignStix® Director.

Getting started with SignStix®

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SignStix® Creator

Developed with usability and simplicity at its core, SignStix® Creator allows you to create engaging content and high quality interactive displays. Packed with dozens of easy-to-use tools, creating digital content for your audience has never been more straightforward.

SignStix® Creator can be accessed through the online CMS, avoiding the need for downloading software to your desktop.

Content Creation

  • Drag & Drop

    Text, images, shapes and video are all easily positioned with our pixel-perfect, drag and drop interface.

  • Intuitive Animator

    Easily animate your content to create eye-catching visual displays.

  • Interactive

    Build interactive applications for a range of devices without writing a single line of code.

  • Custom Dimensions

    Create custom signage dimensions for video walls or unique digital displays.

  • Photoshop & Indesign Import

    Maintain Photoshop layers and their dimensions by importing your files straight into Creator.

Dynamic Content

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    Data Objects

    Upload pricing and text from external data sources, ideal for digital menus or interactive catalogues.

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    Web Tool

    Easily integrate websites and other online feeds. Control the size, orientation and scale.

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    Time & Date

    Add the time or date onto any of your signage campaigns.

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    RSS Feeds

    Pull through dynamic content with an external RSS feed.

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    3rd-Party Integration

    Integrate with 3rd-party systems such as beacons and queue systems. Get in touch for more info.

Media Management

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    Media Management

    Manage and organise your image assets using the Media Management repository.

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    Layer Management

    The ability to layer, rename and group assets gives you uncompromised control of your signage.

SignStix® Director

Manage, schedule and deploy content in real-time with SignStix® Director; Deploy different content to various locations across the globe in just one click, or create seasonal campaigns for deployment on specific days.

With SignStix® Director, you can easily manage your global signage estate from any location, in addition to gaining an overview of system diagnostics, device status and much more.

Sign Management

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    Add signs into a running loop. You can also create video playlists.

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    Deploy different signs at different times and dates to suit requirements. Plan your changes in advance.

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    User Management

    Edit user roles and permissions to keep you signage campaigns protected.

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    Brand Governance

    Lock assets, signs and individual tool options to ensure your signs match brand guidelines.


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    Site Control

    View every SignStix® Player in your estate. Deploy content to any Player, from anywhere!

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    Zone-based deployment

    Display the same or completely different content on all screens with zone-based deployment.

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    Seasonal Campaigns

    Create and deploy campaigns of content, ideal for seasonal information or in-store offers.

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    Campaign management

    Enjoy single-click campaign deployment to every screen in your signage estate for maximum impact.


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    Highest Quality Video

    The built-in Video Encoder ensures the highest quality video for the device is chosen.

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    Playlist & Channel Creation

    Create advanced scheduled video playlists comparable to live TV channels.

  • 4K Video Wall

    Build Ultra High Definition video walls from 4K out-of-the box. The system handles automatic ‘slicing’ of high-res videos for minimum bandwidth and maximum wall resolution.

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    Real-time Diagnostics

    Monitor running issues in real-time with regular error and warning updates.

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    Health check

    Diagnose local issues with real-time device and usage information.

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    Request a screenshot

    Retrieve a snapshot of the signage that’s playing.

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    Device Status

    SignStix® Director receives reports from the Player every minute, giving you complete clarity of your entire signage estate.