Build intelligent experiences with our Automation Features

Allowing you to innovate with zero technical restrictions

What are the Automation Features?

The SignStix® API and Javascript Extension are two integration mechanisms that work together to allow you to build any type of digital experience including truly reactive digital campaigns. 

What do they do?

Forget generic digital signage and the typical application examples you’re used to seeing. With SignStix®, you can now create intelligent digital experiences that change programmatically based on live ‘events,’ such as pushing an emergency button, picking up an item of clothing, or even seeing a change in weather. You can create fully experiential environments that transform based on something that happens.

You can also change specific elements of your content dynamically. For example, if you’re promoting a product and it sells out, the item can be automatically removed from all signage content, or can be replaced with a new item or media asset.  

What’s really interesting though, is that all of your digital campaigns can be used as ‘triggers’ to control other factors - such as lighting or music - for a truly multi-sensory experience. And that’s all controlled within the SignStix platform, available at no additional cost.

How do they work?

Simply put, the SignStix® API gives you low-level access to the SignStix® Player so that you can tell it to change specific elements on a sign. For example – in its most basic form – you could set up a signage campaign to integrate with a central POS system, which stores pricing information. Once a price is updated in the POS system, the signage content is updated to reflect the pricing change. Thanks to the API, those changes are made dynamically. 

The API works closely with the Javascript Extension. The Extension allows you to make web ‘calls’ to external data sources – basically anything that lives outside of the SignStix® platform. By doing so, you can manipulate elements within SignStix® (such as signage content) based on external data.

Together, the API and the Javascript Extension work together so that you can create programmatic experiences both inside and outside of the SignStix® environment, based on real-life data. 

SignStix® API documentation

For SignStix® Player versions 2.9.12 and above.

Digital Signage Integration


Application Examples

Because the SignStix® API and JavaScript Extension allow you to treat SignStix® as an application that is edited entirely by you, you can build intelligent experiences that are built to your exact requirements. Use your digital campaigns as ‘triggers’ to control other factors, such as lighting or music -for a truly multi-sensory experience, or integrate with telematics to improve warehouse operations. The only limit is your imagination...


  •  Data-driven customer experiences
  •  Dynamic Pricing
  •  'Lift' and 'Learn'
  •  Weather-based promotions

Corporate Communications

  •  Instant emergency wayfinding
  •  Custom logistics portals
  •  Dynamic lighting and alarms to manage business logic
  •  Interactive intranets


  •  Branded social media content
  •  Multi-sensory experiences (including integration with music and lighting systems