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Digital Rollout for Big Air Trampoline Parks

Digital Rollout for Big Air Trampoline Parks


SignStix® was appointed by Big Air Trampoline Parks to deliver an easy-to-manage digital signage solution for Big Air franchisees that would significantly streamline the company's processes for managing an entire network of customer-facing digital screens. 

Big Air agreed that SignStix's® digital signage capabilities - which forms just one part of SignStix's® digital offering - helped the organisation to meet their exact requirements, beating over 50 other digital signage providers in the selection process. 

Big Air are now using SignStix® to deliver a number of digital touchpoints across their parks in the United States, including ultra-high-definition video walls. Following the installation of SignStix®, the company have seen a substantial increase in membership sign-ups, and have reduced content management time by 50% (versus their previous solution). 

The Challenge

"We couldn't find a solution that had all that we wanted - including the video wall functionality - until we came across SignStix®" - Tyler Neill, Director, Marketing Strategy

Prior to installing SignStix®, Big Air had been relying on USB sticks pre-loaded with a series of JPEG images to showcase their digital content. As the amount of digital displays across Big Air's parks increased, this became more time-consuming, and franchisees were becoming concerned that their teams were spending too much valuable time swapping out content manually. The inability to display real-time feeds (such as social media or webpages) was also a source of frustration for both park owners and executive management. 

These issues - along with the recognition that the current processes were not sustainable long-term with the company's goals for expansion - prompted Big Air's Facilities and Marketing teams to search for an alternative, affordable and scalable digital signage offering for a number of digital touchpoints, including customer-facing screens and ultra-high-definition video walls. 

The team researched over 50 signage solutions before ultimately choosing SignStix®, citing the platform's affordability, dedication to customer service and advanced video wall capability as key factors in the decision-making process. 

The Solution

SignStix® has been installed in all current Big Air Trampoline Parks, with additional sites in the pipeline thanks to the company's plans to expand across the US with their franchising model. 

Since the installation, Big Air have discarded the laborious process of uploading content via USB sticks, and adopted a much more streamlined process using SignStix® Director and Creator - SignStix's® cloud-based tools for content management and creation. 

Using these tools, the Big Air team can control all digital communications with ease, including product showcases, event information and promotional videos, in addition to displaying real-time social media feeds and webpages.

Big Air also have the ability to quickly switch out products and prices on their digital menu boards - in different locations around the country - at the click of a button. 

The marketing team can initiate live content deployments to specific locations in a matter of seconds - executive management are also given the opportunity to retain control over what is being displayed, and when. This in-built capability to manage all sites and locations from one, centralised platform has proven to be a more cost-effective and practical solution than previous processes. 

Big Air have also installed a number of attention-grabbing, ultra-high definition video walls around each park entrance, to help create a truly impressive 'wow-factor' for queuing visitors and passers-by. The video walls are easily managed and updated within SignStix® , thanks to the platform's ability to connect multiple displays together as a single canvas for content. 

The Results

Tyler Neill, Director of Marketing Strategy for Big Air Trampoline Parks, commented: 

"Our franchisees couldn't be happier. SignStix® has made our digital signage process so much simpler and cost-effective, and once the software is under your belt, it is very easy to use.

'SignStix® has removed the need to manually upload files to - and physically change out - USB sticks, so the time spent editing our digital signs has been reduced by 50% and our teams are spending their time on what matters. 

'We've also seen a substantial increase in our membership programs since advertising them on SignStix®, and thanks to several of SignStix®'s features (including website and social media integration, and advanced video wall functionality), our park entrances are now far more exciting and engaging than our competitors. 

'I would highly recommend the SignStix® platform due to a number of enhanced features that we didn't find in other solutions. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that from one central platform, we can deploy digital communications to all our touchpoints in a matter of seconds, which is a huge bonus for us when managing a digital network that spans across the United States." 

About Big Air Trampoline Parks

Founded in 2012 by an executive team with over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry, Big Air Trampoline Parks are a series of high-energy, adventurous family entertainment facilities predominantly featuring trampoline attractions. Ranging in size from 15,000 to an impressive 35,000 square-feet, there are currently four parks in operation (Beuna Park, Charlotte, Laguna Hills and Spartanburg) with a franchise model in place to aid further expansion across the US.

Visit Big Air Trampoline Parks' website

Photo Credits: Big Air Trampoline Parks


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