SignStix’s autumn release enables interactive digital engagement and redefines digital signage

October 30,2015 Posted by Aneysha Wakelin

Multi-award-winning digital engagement platform SignStix® has announced the launch of a new interactive release (SignStix® Viper - Version 2.8, autumn 2015), enabling anyone to easily build interactive applications and deploy them globally.

Developed as a software-as-a-service solution for commercial and corporate enterprises to drive customer engagement, SignStix® now provides organisations with the power to quickly create and deploy quality interactive applications without the need to write code.

“The SignStix® Viper release takes our platform to a whole new level – we’ve already seen clients building 4K 84” touch-enabled in-store catalogues with the beta release,” said Nick Fearnley, SignStix Founder and CEO.

“We’re really excited to see what our clients and partners build with this.”

Organisations can now create, manage and deploy next-level digital experiences, all from a single cloud-based platform. Any asset can be made touch interactive inside of SignStix® Creator; when a customer interacts with these assets, the platform can trigger an expanding variety of events.

This allows customers to become much more engaged in digital content.

SignStix® Viper also supports timed-based events, which are triggered when the animation timeline reaches a particular frame. Timed ‘triggers’ help to manage complex animations much more easily, which poses a huge benefit to creative departments.

Interactive signage can also be previewed within a browser, designed to allow SignStix® users to test the interactive application on a smart device prior to final deployment.

Nick concluded: “The upcoming SignStix® API is going to enable SignStix® Interactive to become transactional – that’s a game changer.”

Published on: 1:00PM on 30th October 2015