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Introducing SignStix Viper

Introducing SignStix Viper

January 01,0001 Posted by Aneysha Wakelin

We are delighted to announce the Viper release of SignStix (version 2.8, Autumn 2015).  This release opens a world of exciting possibilities by adding interactivity to digital signs.

Interactive Digital Signage

With touchscreen technology reducing in cost and increasing in size, this offers a great opportunity to engage with customers more interactively.

To take advantage of this, SignStix Viper allows ‘touch events’ to be added to the layers in a sign.  When deployed to a SignStix device (connected to a USB touchscreen), those layers become ‘touchable’.  They highlight when touched, and trigger the corresponding events.  Events can include:

  • Jumping to a particular frame in the sign.
  • Launching a specific video playlist in full-screen-mode (then returning to the original sign).
  • Pausing or resuming the animation timeline.

The Viper release also supports ‘timeline events’, which are triggered when the animation timeline reaches a particular frame.

As an example, a sign might start with a nice introductory animation and then pause on frame 50 with a menu on the screen. The user might touch a button titled ‘Special Offer’, which could jump to frame 200 to display more information about that offer before reaching frame 400 and automatically jumping back to the start.  Then the user might touch a ‘Show Me More’ button, which could launch a full-screen promotional video before returning to the menu.

Deploying Applications

In effect, you can now use the familiar SignStix tools (Director and Creator) to build applications and then deploy them to your end-points, just like you would with signage.  With a little imagination, you can build some fantastic applications to get closer to your customers.

And of course, all the benefits of using SignStix for signage apply equally to these interactive applications – design them anywhere, and deploy them from anywhere.

Please see How do I create an interactive sign? for more details on building interactive signs for touchscreens.

General Improvements

Several minor fixes and enhancements have also been applied in the Viper release as part of our ongoing programme of quality and usability improvement.

Video Transitions

Please note that video transitions have changed in the SignStix Player.  Previously, a video would freeze on the final frame until the next video was cued-up ready to play. Occasionally this caused some unwanted effects when moving from one sign to another, as it was possible for the video to freeze on a frame that was unrelated to the content of the next sign in the sequence.

The new behaviour in the Viper release is that the video box will vanish when a video is complete, and reappear when the next video is ready to start. This avoids any ‘bleeding’ of video content from one sign into the next.  However, if a video is playing in a full-screen video box in an otherwise blank sign, you may notice a short period of black screen during the transitions (when the box disappears).  If this is undesirable, we recommend adding a background to the sign.

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