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Introducing SignStix Director V3.0

Introducing SignStix Director V3.0

January 01,0001 Posted by Geoff Cawood

We are delighted to announce the release of SignStix Director V3.0.  As the culmination of a fresh re-design, V3 offers a modern look-and-feel within a responsive user-interface.  This ensures that all of Director's powerful functions are easy-to-use, regardless of whether you're working on a computer, tablet or mobile. 

Director V3 also adds several major new features, all aimed at giving you a smooth SignStix experience and even greater control.

Asset Organisation

One of the big advances in V3 is the way your digital assets can now be organised.  Instead of storing all your assets in flat lists, you can build up whatever folder-based structure suits your business.  For example:

  • Store your images along with the signs and sequences that use them. 
  • Create folders for projects or marketing campaigns.
  • Rename assets to keep track of different versions.
  • Move assets easily around your structure.


Searching, Filtering and Tagging

Director's searching facility has also benefitted from a major revamp in V3.  You can now search across all your assets in one go, and 'home in' on your target using various handy filters.  Filter by the type of asset, the person who created the asset, or when the asset was last modified, to name but a few.

You can also 'tag' assets (and devices) with tags of your choice, and then filter by tag with a single click.  For example, you could tag all of your portrait signs, or all of your brand logo images for easy look-up.

Device Organisation

Previously, all signage devices were arranged in a fixed two-level hierarchy of sites and zones.  This has now been replaced with a far more flexible 'locations' concept.  Locations can be arranged into whatever structure fits your estate, and nested to whatever depth you require to manage the deployment of content to your devices.

For example, if you have a large estate with 1000 screens over several countries, you could have a top-level location for each country with further locations inside to represent the regions, cities, sites and so on, down to the SignStix devices themselves.  At the other end of the scale, if you only have three screens over a couple sites, two locations will model that beautifully (with no need to add zones).

Digital content can now be assigned directly to a SignStix device, providing total control over each screen.  Alternatively, as a shortcut, you can assign content to a location and this will assign the same content to every device contained within that location.  It's a very powerful feature, but don’t worry, Director will check that you really want to do this first!

Drag & Drop for Uploads

In response to customer feedback, we've added a convenient drag-and-drop feature for uploading videos and images.  This makes it much simpler to get a new video from your computer onto your digital signage screen. 

Just drag it from your local folder onto the new Content page and Director will automatically upload it, encode it, and (if you have Approver permission) approve it.  Then just add it to your playlist and hit the big Deploy button.

Device Monitoring

SignStix has always offered great features for monitoring the status of your devices, but V3 makes those tools much easier to access.  For example, you can select a set of devices and then with one click ask all of them to provide a screenshot of their currently playing content.  As those screenshots arrive, you can browse through them without having to navigate anywhere else.

Whenever you're viewing devices, all the 'traffic-light' indicators (e.g. for network connectivity, content version etc.) now update dynamically, giving you an accurate up-to-the-minute picture of what's happening across your estate.

General Improvements

As well as the major enhancements above, we've taken the opportunity to add numerous little usability improvements and features.  Here are just some of them:

  • Filter devices by those which are offline so you can quickly identify a network issue.
  • Let a colleague to review your sign by e-mailing them a link to the relevant page in Director.
  • Build sequences in the natural order with new signs added at the end.
  • When assigning content to devices, Director starts off at the current campaign in your schedule to help ensure you're editing the right one.
  • Add asset descriptions to help with collaboration, and to jog your own memory about what was created for who and why.
  • Download images and videos from Director if you lose your local copy.

More Information

We hope you enjoy using the new Director V3, which is being released to all SignStix customers as a free upgrade.  
For further information, the SignStix support site is being updated to cover all the new aspects when V3 goes live. 

In particular, please see this migration guide which describes the new V3 equivalents for the main features familiar to V2 users.

Thank you.

SignStix Support

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