Getting started

Access the SignStix® CMS in a couple of steps.

Creating a simple sign is easy thanks to SignStix® Creator's intuitive interface.

SignStix® Creator Tutorials

Build a simple animation in a few straight-forward steps.

Import data onto your sign using the Data Objects tool within Creator.

Easily add images onto your signage canvas in a couple of clicks.

Create dynamic interactive applications without the need to write code.

Organise and manage layers within your signage content with the intuitive Layers Palette.

Easily organise your files within the Media Management Library in SignStix® Creator.

Important Photoshop files straight into Creator, using the handy Photoshop plugin.

Easily add an RSS feed onto your digital content. Insert web link, and you're done.

Alter the duration of a new or existing sign.

Add a table onto your signage content using the Table Tool within Creator.

Choose from over a dozen beautiful typefaces to stylise your digital content.

Add the time and date onto your signage content in a few simple steps.

Add a custom video block onto new or existing content. To view the video in action, it must be deployed to a zone.

Integrate website data within your signage content using the Web Tool within Creator.

SignStix® Director Tutorials

Add or edit a new site or zone within the Site Management menu in Director.

Make any video file compatible with SignStix® using the handy Video Encoder.

Create a video playlist to integrate within a specific sign, sequence or schedule.

Easily manage video files within SignStix® Director's Media Library.

Easily build 4K video walls out-of-the-box.

Import pricing data to integrate within your signage content.

Manually add data into SignStix® Director in a few simple steps.

Easily manage previously-imported data.

Create a sequence of signs in just a couple of clicks.

Easily create content schedules to deploy signs at specific times and days.

Create campaigns of content in SignStix® Director, ideal for seasonal offers and promotions.

Manage multiple user accounts; Define new roles and responsibilities or delete existing users.

Enjoy single-click deployment to anywhere in the world.

Gain a central view of your Player's health, status and diagnostics within the Device Admin area of Director.

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