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How do I manage sites and zones?

How do I manage sites and zones?

Sites and zones are used for organising screens and assigning signage content.

A site can contain multiple zones, and a zone can contain multiple devices/screens.

Content is assigned to the zones using a ‘campaign’ (see the Campaigns How-To).  All devices/screens in the same zone show the same content.

A common approach is to treat sites and zones geographically. For example, a chain of department stores might have a site for each store, and a zone for each area within the store.

Bristol Cafe, Menswear, Show Aisle
Cardiff Entrance, Menswear
Edinburgh Cafe, Information Desk, Menswear

Sites and zones can be added from the Site Management page (under Deployment) in Director.

To delete a site or zone, right-click on it in the Site Management page and choose the corresponding delete option.  Any affected devices should be moved into a different zone.

To move a device into a different zone, locate it in the Device Admin page in Director then click ‘Edit Settings’ and change the Site and Zone accordingly.

Get to grips with managing sites and zones with our new Video Tutorial.