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How do I add an image to a sign?

How do I add an image to a sign?


The basic process is to upload your images to a folder structure within your SignStix account.  From there you can drag the images onto your signs and arrange them as required.

Folder Structure

As it’s not currently possible to move images between folders in your SignStix account, it is recommended that you decide on your folder structure in advance.  For example, one approach would be as follows:

  • A ‘General’ folder for general-purpose images that might be used in lots of signs e.g. logos, brand assets, common backgrounds.
  • A folder for each marketing campaign e.g. ’2015spring’, with sub-folders to organise different types of image e.g. ‘Products’, ‘Banners’, ‘People’.

Image Size

Images from high-resolution digital cameras can be very large e.g. 5000 x 3500 pixels.  However, the resolution of the current breed of signage devices is generally 1920 x 1080 pixels.  If an oversize image is uploaded and deployed as part of a sign, it will still work but the signage device will reduce the image resolution in order to display it.

This is a waste of network bandwidth because unnecessary image data is being transferred from your computer to the SignStix server, and then from the server to the signage devices without any benefit in final quality.

So it is recommended that images are re-sized to 1920 x 1080 (or lower for images that are only going to occupy a small part of a sign).

Adding Images in Creator

Open your sign in Creator.

  1. If the Media Management panel is not already open, choose ‘Media Management’ from the View menu, or press the ‘I’ key.
  2. Click the ‘Add folder’ button in the Media panel and create a folder called e.g. ‘General’.
  3. Click on the new ‘General’ folder to open it.
  4. Click the ‘Upload image’ button in the Media panel.
  5. Navigate to your image in the resulting file browser and click the ‘Open’ button (or equivalent).
  6. Once the file has uploaded you should see a small ‘thumbnail’ version of it in your General folder.
  7. Drag the image into your sign.
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