Deliver data-driven digital experiences and personalised content with our digital signage API

Digital Signage API and interactive experiences

Our digital signage API

The SignStix® API allows users to capture and integrate data in many new ways, giving you the flexibility to deliver more personalised, data-driven digital experiences.

Application examples

With the API, you can integrate product information databases and asset management databases to automatically control content, or integrate with a web application that displays media subject to certain triggers, such as audience demographics, stock levels or weather.

The SignStix® API also gives you the power to display content which is dynamically updated from an external source -  an incredibly powerful tool for retailers and quick-service restaurants to manage pricing information and ever-changing promotional data.


What is an API?

An API effectively acts as a ‘gateway’ into a piece of software, allowing digital signage customers to develop new features independently of the software. The  SignStix® API allows you to directly control the signage device, so that you can retrieve data, access device settings, query playback statistics, pull data from external web applications and much more.

With this new capability, the SignStix® platform can be easily modified and configured to control and retrieve specific data, allowing you to customise the solution to your needs, without technical restrictions.


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For SignStix® Player versions 2.9.12 and above.

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