SignStix® can easily integrate with third-party systems

SignStix® is fully equipped to engage your customers wherever they are in-store. Technologies such as Queue Management and iBeacon are all supported, giving you endless possibilities for capturing your customers attention, maximising store efficiency and influencing sales.


Digital Signage with Queue Management

Integrate Queue Management with SignStix® to reduce perceived waiting times for your customers. By strategically placing digital signage around hotspots where dwell times are longest, you can display relevant messaging to engage customers and influence the buying decision at POS (point of sale).


Digital Signage with iBeacon

SignStix® can be easily integrated with iBeacon - a fine-grained location services technology which can be used to push personalised messages to your customers smartphones. And, instead of offering customers the option to set a reminder for a product theyve bookmarked within your App, you can use iBeacon to push reminders to customers smartphones when theyre in close vicinity to a bookmarked product in-store.


Web Tool

The Web Tool enables you to pull data from an external source, integrating a website seamlessly into signage. The technology extracts data from other websites taking information from their database. A data object allows you to define multiple tiers of pricing (or other data) and define a single sign with placeholders for the prices. By deploying a tier of data screens in that zone will then substitute the placeholders for the actual price data in that tier.