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Introducing SignStix 2.10

Introducing SignStix 2.10

October 03,2017 Posted by Geoff Cawood

We are delighted to announce the official release of SignStix 2.10.  This includes various new features and improvements both in SignStix Creator and SignStix Player.  The main new features are described below:

Snap to Grid

SignStix Creator now includes an optional grid when designing signs.  The spacing of the grid is fully customisable to match your design style.  Layers will then snap to the grid when you move or re-size them, giving you a pixel-perfect layout with ease.

Precision Style Options

When editing style options such as font size in Creator, the existing sliders are convenient for speed, but they are less helpful when you want multiple layers to adopt the exact same setting.  So we have now added extra text fields in which you can specify precisely the value you require.

Multi-Layered Animation Timeline

It is now possible to view the timeline for multiple layers at the same time.  This makes it much easier to construct and edit a complex animation involving several layers.

Setting a Default Font

It is now possible to specify a default font for Creator to use.  This helps keep your content consistent with your brand guidelines from the start.  Please contact SignStix Support ( to request a change to the default font used on your account.

'Live' Manipulation of Text Layers via Javascript

The SignStix Javascript API has been widened to include editing of text layers.  For example, it's now possible to write a piece of Javascript to pull down some live data from a web source and then dynamically update a text layer in the sign to display that new data.  A perfect application for this is pulling live pricing information from a database into your signs.

Deploy Javascript with a Sign

The JavaScript Extension allows you to add JavaScript code directly into web layers in your sign within Creator - without any external hosting. Together with the JavaScript API, you can build intelligent experiences that are built to your exact requirements. Use your digital campaigns as ‘triggers’ to control other factors such as lighting or music, create your own custom dashboards or integrate with social media.  

Shelf-Edge Screen Support

Drive up to 7 shelf-edge screens from a single SignStix device.  Bring the power of SignStix to your shelf-edge displays.

Interactive Video Walls and Touch Overlays

Use interactive Signage across your SignStix video wall displays.  Treat multiple screens as a single interactive canvas - SignStix takes care of the complexities.  Plug USB touch overlays into SignStix devices for instant touch capability.

Seamless Video

SignStix can eliminate any gaps between videos.  Previously there was a "pre-roll" gap between consecutive videos.  Now they can play seamlessly as though they had been rendered as a single video.

General Improvements

Numerous minor fixes and enhancements have also been applied as part of our ongoing programme of quality and usability improvement.

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